“When pigs fly…oink oink: the iterpreter and the idioms”
“Holy Shit!, Somebody Wash That Young Mans Hands Out With Soap”
“…and on the 8th day, God created church interpreters.”
“Amazing Grace???… Who’s Grace, and why is she so amazing anyway?”
“Cute Shoes Frank” and Other Things Men Don’t Say: Voicing Appropriately for Males
“Eeeee-Gadds!” Everything I didn’t learn in the ITP program, but need to know about the profession
“The History of Deafness and the Church”
  • Additional workshop titles sponsored by ASLID/AZTI include:
    • control-demand schema
    • interpreting idioms
    • Deaf culture
    • teaming in the educational setting
    • language dysfluency
    • voicing appropriately for your students
    • street/sex/drug signs
    • interpreting mathematics
    • interpreting science for kids
    • Interpreting metal health
    • classifiers in the classroom
    • interpreting drama
    • religious signs
    • everything the interpreter didn’t learn in the IPP
    • multiple meaning words
    • deaf-blind clients
    • how do deaf kids read?