Arizona Sign Language Interpreting for the Deaf LLC (ASLID) is an agency, and so much more!

We have been providing Arizona with quality interpreting services for more than 6 years. Although ASLID was officially established, as an LLC, in April 2006, operations had been in process since early 2003.

ASLID has continued to grow (with clients and interpreters) and is actively providing professional interpreting services throughout Arizona.

Our interpreters are available to work in any situation where American Sign Language (ASL) is needed. Our team of professionals can facilitate communication, from the most highly technical and legal interpreting appointments to appointment for a Deaf consumer with limited language proficiency that requires a communication specialist with natural and intuitive receptive skills.

The ASLID TEAM is comprised of highly professional sign language interpreters, communication specialists (including Deaf interpreters) and educators.  Our interpreters possess Arizona State license (EXIT law here) and national certification(s) with the Register of Interpreters of the Deaf (RID). Together, we are known for our professional service, high standards of ethics, and specializations in visual communication. Our team is here and available for you, whatever your need is.

ASLID offers educational workshop, retreats, in-house training and job opportunities for both the hearing and Deaf. (See a list of titles under the “educational opportunities” tab).