ASL Mentoring

Training Mental Health Professionals

check mark See What I am Saying: Learn what every Deaf client wishes their case manager, counselor, doctor and clinician knew about Deafness

check mark Warning SIGNS: Learn how psychosis affects the language of Deaf people and how to identify abnormal language patterns in Sign Language

check mark SIGNS of Life: Participants will learn 25 survival signs for communicating with their client

check mark More Than a Helping HAND: Learn how to most effectively use an interpreter in mental/ behavior health settings

check mark HANDY Information: Participants will become familiar with community resources available to aid Deaf clients

check mark HANDS Above the Rest: Learn about the unique approach of “total communication” used when working with highly visual (and/or those with little to no language) clients

check mark Slap my HAND: Understanding the A.D.A. as it relates to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing population

check mark SIGNS of Recovery: Learning what obvious and subtle signs to look for when you are successfully helping your Deaf and Hard of Hearing clients