ASLID Policies and Procedures

  1. ASLID is interpreter owned and operated. Owner, Rocky De Buano is state licensed and posses a Certificate of Interpreting (CI) , Certificate of Transliterating (CT) from the Register of Interpreters of the Deaf (RID) and a Qualified Mental Health Interpreter (QMHI) from the state of Alabama.
  2. ASLID uses services and extends work to independent interpreting contactors who possess state licensed and nationally certified interpreters.
  3. ASLID uses services of communication specialists which possess skills in American Sign Language as well as other languages.
  4. ASLID subscribes to the national standard pertaining to the 2 hour minimum for all assignments.
  5. Hourly rates are based on per hour/per interpreter. Services that require 2 or more interpreters will be billed accordingly.
  6. ASLID subscribes to the national standard of sending a team of interpreters for assignments 2 hours in length or longer.
  7. ASLID reserves the right to utilize a Deaf interpreters when the language use of clients is outside the normal range of ASL or signed English.
  8. ASLID uses a standard rate sheet, but welcomes the opportunity to bid unique assignments.
  9. ASLID requires cancelation of an assignment 48 to 72 hours in advance of the start time. (This is based on each contract). Failure to cancel the appointment will result in billing as scheduled.
  10. ASLID contracts the service of office management for the purpose of scheduling and billing. The office manager will confirm interpreting requests within 2 hours of contact and our billing department will bill you no later than 30 days following an assignment.
  11. ASLID requires payment in full upon billing.
  12. ASLID reserves the right to apply late fees for any unpaid invoices.
  13. ASLID will include any charges occurred by interpreters while on assignment, to the agent responsible for paying for the interpreting services. This includes, but is not limited to parking fee, entry fees (tickets, conference registrations, etc).
  14. ASLID interpreters reserve the right to leave an assignment at the end of the scheduled assignment time. In the event additional interpreting services are needed, the hiring agent must contact ASLID directly to extend the service time. Depending on the contract and relationship last minute rates may apply.
  15. ASLID interpreters reserve the right to turn down any assignment based on ethical decision making. Both the interpreter and hiring agent should contact the office of ASLID as soon as possible so that an alternative interpreter can be dispatched.