ASLID Community Interpreting


The highly qualified and nationally certified interpreters of ASLID come to you and your place of business.  We understand that successful  communication is  paramount when interviewing a prospective employee who is  Deaf. ASLID is your communication link for successful job training, and business meetings .  You can count on  ASLID to provide you with the most appropriate interpreter based on specifications of the assignment coupled with our interpreters individual skill set, training, and certification.  Your business is our business!


Many of ASLID’s interpreters find their passion and expertise in the discipline of educational interpreting. Whether you need an interpreter for a K-12 classroom , post-secondary setting, community class, workshops or public lecture , you can depend on ASLID.  All educational interpreters and transliterators possess state license,  RID certification(s) or meet the state EIPA requirements. We are proud  of our growing number of educational institutions  whom utilize ASLID exclusively.  We put the C.L.A.S.S.  back into the classroom; Complete Language  + Accessibility = Student Success.


ASLID is here for all your legal interpreting needs. Our team offers a variety of services to meet the unique needs of  hearing and  Deaf  clients. We often recommend the use of a certified Deaf interpreter to serve as a cultural mediator and language specialist for some of legal’s highly technical assignments

Medical/Health care

When life brings about a need for medical attention we want to be there for you. Whether your need is an appointment at the doctors office, a medical procedures,  hospital admission or an unfortunate need for emergency room services, we can meet your communication needs. ASLID is on call 24/7 for  ready to dispatch highly qualified interpreters. ASLID is proud of our growing number of doctors offices, urgent care centers and hospitals who contract with us. How can we serve you?


ASLID is ready to dispatch the perfect interpreter to your workplace for job interviews, training, business meetings, orientations, etc.  You can count on ASLID to be on time, accurate and professional time after time. Our interpreters are highly skilled and possess the  skill needed to interpret employment and insurance oriented forms  assuring total comprehension by Deaf clients. Our job is your job!


Its difficult to find professional and highly skilled interpreters when it comes to religions settings. Good News; ASLID has several interpreters that excel in interpreting religions music, sermons, funerals,  and weddings. Understanding  the goal of the sermon and worship within various denominations is something we understand. We  currently provide religious interpreting services thought-out the state.  ASLID offers several workshop with special focus to interpreting in church. See our current list of workshops.

Theater and Music

Platform interpreting fits into our scope of work. We have several interpreters who consider theatrical interpreting to be their specialty.  We look forward to interpreting your next play, concert, reception or recital